The Domestics – now streaming but where?

Post-apocalyptic movies and books have always fascinated me since an early age. Dystopia was a common place where I would seek refuge inside of a good book. I would like to think … how would I survive that? What would I do in this situation? It was a great way to spend my mental brain power … and when this trailer came across my desk, I was super intrigued and sold from the beginning. Some interesting things to note: a rare female voice over – kudos to that and a nice break to comedy in the abandoned convenient store scene at 1:48 seconds in. This trailer was cut by Open Road for Orion Classics?!? I am glad to see Orion still around. But the end title card doesn’t let us know where it is playing glad a new app is coming for that.

Also a first time for a title card saying “From A Producer of 300 and … ” I don’t think it needed that as the genre is already going to speak to it’s followers.

Speaking of Distopic Thrillers, last year’s Netflix’s … BirdBox … a strange Holiday season release but boy if this one didn’t stay with me … a “how would I survive in that” pandora’s box of questions. It is a movie that sticks with you days’ later and that Sandra Bullock did such a great job … superb cast … no spoiler alerts here .. just if you haven’t seen it, put it on the list for October or November a thriller for a grey pre-winter evening!

Obviously Bird Box is streaming on @Netflix but where is The Domestics Streaming right now – good thing you asked .. find where is where it lives currently:

Movie fan? Streaming Fan? Us too. Know what to watch with

Coming Soon!

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