Conspiracy Theory Friday

Were they or were they not working for the CIA? A popular topic around any office is that of crazy conspiracy theories .. so that is today’s trailer topics … were these guys really working for the government? We will start off with White Boy Rick cut by Trailer Park for Sony Pictures Entertainment … with the classic Matthew McConaughy line after the beat then … “but he was” .. super well timed!

Then Black Mass … what a great freakin’ trailer. This trailer titled “Just Sayin” cut by Aspect for Warner Bros.

And then a throwback to the Chuck Barris “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and really … working for the government? .. this is the furthest stretch on this inaugural Conspiracy Theory Friday! Cut by The Ant Farm for Miramax Films back in 2002.

This could be a good triple threat of Friday night at the movies! Enjoy the Weekend! Love, DT

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