Why First Snow, well, no, not because Labor Day is coming up and our thoughts turn to fall but because as fate would have it, Hobbs & Shaw didn’t play at the theater last night (a broken projector at the local AMC at the 10:25pm showing – right?) and that got me to thinking about fate as my friend and I walked away from the theater deeply unsatisfied. Our night, wasn’t meant to be and why was that? All I kept thinking about was this ol‘ Indie Trailer from 2007 for First Snow and JK Simmons saying “I saw no more roads” … take a look.

It’s a good indie film with incredible performances all around. Watching this trailer brought another film to mind “Memento”. A great film with Guy Pearce in it too … this could definitely be a double header on the ol‘ streaming service tonight to catch up on CLASSIC INDIE FARE. Here is the trailer for Memento:

Actually, they are both too heady to watch together. Watch them separately to digest them … they will both keep you thinking long after the credits run. To find out where each are streaming .. .check out:

Movie fan? Streaming Fan? Us too. Know what to watch with

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