Day #9 #HorrorCountdown: Train to Busan and (Hatful of) HOLLOW

This is a horror film from Vietnam and a super scary trailer. Over the last few years, the horror films coming out of Asia have been so frightening that I can barely watch the trailers … that I don’t even dare watch the films … yet.

Here is Hollow (Doat Hon) cut by Alice M. Tran for Old Photo Films:

These films have heavily influenced Western horror as well. Most times, it isn’t the influence, we just out and out just remake it like the Ring and the Grudge (Which merit their own separate days). One of the most successful or should we say the best cross over to Western audiences (without a full on remake) is Train To Busan. A kind of Horror Zombie apocalypse crossover. OMG – did we bring up Zombies? Yes, we did … ugh so many trailers to write about so little time ’til Halloween.

Train to Busan (from South Korean) (Busanhaeng) edited by Red Circle Inc for Well Go USA:

Enjoy yourselves! In Love & Horror! DT!

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