#Horror #Day 12: Streaming Saturdays – oh the webs we weave

I thought we would be at a loss for Horror content and streaming series for “Streaming Saturdays” spotlight but looking through the archives, we are not disappointed with the prolific amount of content!

Today’s selection: Penny Dreadful “Darkness” cut by Buddha Jones for Showtime Networks. A well-structured trailer cut to an eerie rendition of a hauntingly familiar song – nice work Buddha!

And Fear The Walking Dead trailer cut by BDA Agency for AMC Network & Amazon. If you haven’t started exploring The Walking Dead Universe, we realize it’s a big commitment so start now and join us in 2 weeks for more streaming Saturdays content. The next 2 to 3 weeks is spoken for! Good luck and happy hunting!

Happy Streaming Saturdays everyone! Love, DT

And to find all this great content – coming November 1st is “Vuniverse” a platform where you will find your next favorite ‘content Universe’

Movie fan? Streaming Fan? Us too. It’s Time to Stream Smarter (TM) http://www.VUniverse.com

Coming April 2021!

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