#Horror – Day 16: A Triple Threat: Us, Get Out, & The Twilight Zone

From the mind of Jordan Peele, we serve up 3 trailers of note for the continuing countdown to Halloween. First up … Get Out, his directorial debut,

(trailer edited by Inside Job for Universal)

Then to follow that up with the critically acclaimed: US. Warning on this trailer you will literally be singing the song for DAYS so be forewarned. Amazingingly cut by Inside Job for Universal (graphics by Mark Woollen & Associates)!

And then CBS got onto the Jordan Peele band wagon with Twilight Zone reboot. A beloved franchise that can come back to life in his skilled hands:

And from our love of the comedy of Key & Peele, and the breadth of work so far Mr. Peele must be acknowledged as more than a triple threat!!! Fun work to watch! Love, the DT!

And coming for the future is a place where you can find Twilight Zones old and new and find where to stream US and GET OUT!

Movie fan? Streaming Fan? Us too. It’s Time to Stream Smarter (TM) http://www.VUniverse.com

Coming April 2021!

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  1. Us Trailer was edited by Inside Job for Universal, Mark Woollen’s work was the graphics.

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