From the mind of Jordan Peele, we serve up 3 trailers of note for the continuing countdown to Halloween. First up … Get Out, his directorial debut,

(trailer edited by Inside Job for Universal)

Then to follow that up with the critically acclaimed: US. Warning on this trailer you will literally be singing the song for DAYS so be forewarned. Amazingingly cut by Inside Job for Universal (graphics by Mark Woollen & Associates)!

And then CBS got onto the Jordan Peele band wagon with Twilight Zone reboot. A beloved franchise that can come back to life in his skilled hands:

And from our love of the comedy of Key & Peele, and the breadth of work so far Mr. Peele must be acknowledged as more than a triple threat!!! Fun work to watch! Love, the DT!

And coming for the future is a place where you can find Twilight Zones old and new and find where to stream US and GET OUT!

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