#Horror – Day 17 – Hereditary & MidSommar

A24 has jumped into HORROR in an incredible way with these two films but more importantly to the DailyTrailer … these horror trailers!!! Hereditary, the trailer, scared us back in 2017 but we didn’t watch the movie ’til last Saturday night.

Ummmm … warning … there are some images that will stay with you for days so …I think am best left at just the trailer but for those with a deeper horror appetite please let us know your thoughts. Very disburbing images and sounds.

Also for the same director comes a film i am keen to see BUT am reticent because the images stay with you so long. But we are keen to see how he makes the daytime scary! That is not easily done …

It is neat to watch these two trailers Autoplay on top of each other. Also A24 like Warner’s always does such clever things with their logo. MidSommar is streaming now in time for the season. An app is coming to your rescue soon about where to find it on all your OTT services. Love, DT!

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