Dec. 16th, 2019: Paul Walter Hauser

The very ever-quotable “I,Tonya” introduced us to the actor Paul Walter Hauser who plays the lead in “Richard Jewell”, the new Clint Eastwood film. He is coming into his own stride with his turn in “BlacKkKlansman” and now in “Richard Jewell” acting across from such greats as Sam Rockwell, Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde.

Today’s and tomorrow’s trailers are dominated by ‘time’ and the quickening of the pace of the trailer adds to the anxiety level going up to the end of the trailer. Though both of the trailers (today and tomorrow) are based on historical events and hence, we know how they turn out, the use of the ticking and pacing brings us back present to the quickening of time and how it would have been for the participants in these events. Also the first piano note being struck on the :16 second mark at Clint Eastwood’s name is a nice soft opener, very well placed.

Well paced, well-timed and leaves me enough doubt in my mind that I don’t know the full story. A thought-provoking trailer in these times. Best, DT!

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