Dec. 30th, 2019 – The Gambler “F-u trailer” **Red Band

This is a red band trailer. Just a warning. Red band for language. Nothing you haven’t heard before or anything. And bringing this one back as a good way to think about setting goals for 2020 (used to be called New Year’s Resolutions). There is a nice pace to this trailer and a nice message to carry us through the tough times.

“Every body knows that 2 and 1/2 million dollars up puts you at a level of f-u!” and “A wise man’s life is based around F-u” – I don’t like to swear but I can think it!

2019 was a great year and 2020 is going to be even bigger and better! So make those goals count. Mine are printed and posted to my wall! Bring it ~ 2020!

Live the Golden Rule in 2020!! Love and Peace from DT!

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