Leap Year: February 29, 2020

Ladies: if you had the chance to propose to your significant other, would you do it? Well, I guess we all have the ability to do so, even though it’s “frowned upon,” but.. would you? There is the whole argument that women bear the children, so men could at least do the proposing. But does it really matter? Who was it that made the decision that men were the ones that always had to propose?

In Ireland, this is a real thing. During a leap year of 366 days, on February 29th (aka Leap Day), women are “allowed” to get down on one knee and propose. They say this tradition started in the 5th century Ireland when St. Brigid of Kildare expressed to St. Patrick that women had to wait too long for men to propose. Which is pretty valid. I’ve seen many women ridden with anxiety due to waiting on a man to “commit.” So, if you’re so tired of waiting, why not ask him first? Or.. maybe just go find a better man that’s ready to commit to you! *finger snaps* Amy Adams does JUST that in the film Leap Year.

Here is the trailer:

In answer to my own question, would I propose? Truthfully, I don’t really care to be married all that much!

Spending this Saturday at home? You can rent Leap Year on Amazon Prime for $4 bucks! Happy streaming friends!


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