The Boy & The Boy 2

Why the creepy dolls? WHY?!?! Gets me every time. I can get through the demonic horror movies or the ouija board possessions, but… the dolls. The dolls just give you a different kind of cringe. Except for Chuckie, I got through that. He was just grumpy and rude. I can relate to that.

The Boy is back! Back to haunt my dreams and creep me out all over again!

Watch The Boy trailer:


I actually liked the first movie– the trailer had me hooked, so I gave it a shot. I was in the mood for a little adrenaline rush, so I picked the creepy doll movie. (Here comes the spoiler btw) Now that there’s a sequel coming out, I’m a little confused. The Boy ended with us discovering that the REAL Brahms was living in the walls moving the doll and messing with the babysitter. In The Boy 2 trailer, which is below, we see that the Katie Holmes’ son seems to be turning into Brahms or becoming possessed by something to make him violent. The doll itself seems to be more alive than it was in the first one as well.

Who knows, maybe the Brahms living in the walls did some kind of voodoo ritual and actually possessed the doll or something. Only way to find out is to watch the movie!

Here’s Brahms: The Boy 2 trailer– which is out in theaters now!

Moral to these stories is to keep the scary lookin’ dolls out of your house. Leave those suckers in the antique shops where they belong.


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