International Women’s Day: The Many Faces of Charlize Theron

When thinking about posting this blog today it seemed every trailer I thought of was a Charlize Theron trailer, and so, we are using Charlize to represent the many faces of the modern woman! Happy International Women’s Day to EVERYONE!

First up: The Long Shot where Charlize is running for President. Huzzah! And she teams up with Seth Rogen her speechwriter. Hilarity ensues! This is a funny fun film you guys – definitely put it on the date night list! Trailer is for Lionsgate cut by Trailer Park!

Then we move on to Atomic Blonde – man this was an amazing trailer and film!! Definitely put it on your “To watch” action film list. Set during the cold war of the late 1980s – excellent all around, fun, amazing hand to hand combat scenes and just keeps you glued from start to finish. Trailer cut by AV Squad for Universal/Focus Features.

Then we can look to the future: Mad Max: Fury Road – she is now a road warrior! She made this film so exciting I went to the theater to see it 2 nights in a row when it was out! Fighting for justice in a future dystopic world. Trailer by Open Road Entertainment for Warner Bros.

Oh and then there is this indie gem: Tully – how does she do it? A modern Mom. You go Charlize! Trailer by Jax for Focus Features.

Yes, I am suggesting you do a “Quadruple Charlize Theron Feature Night” this International Womens Day! Or space it out over the upcoming week … Love to you all! M1 for DailyTrailer

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