300 Teaser & Trailer 4/23/2020

“Spartans, Tonight we dine in hell!”

I remember watching this teaser at my local AMC here in Manhattan. I used to have the AMC gold pass which allowed me to go from theater to theater and watch all the trailers. This one I was watching from the doorway … (so I could jump to the next theater to Maximize Trailer Time of course) and the usher had his back to the screen and I said “you need to turn and watch this, this is something special”

So he turned and watched with me and the look on that kids face was one of ‘awe’. And at the end he was like “Wow, that was amazing, Im glad you made me watch it”. He was like since I work here, I sometimes don’t pay attention. Sad to say but true!

At the time, this was such a new way of filming all the green screen and hyper realism and super saturation. And the trailers/teaser are so beautiful they can stand on their own as works of art. Thank you to Dave Yocum (trailer editor) from Mojo and Warner Bros. for letting our eyes see this gem!

Totally glorious on the big screen but since we are in our homes .. you can enjoy them both on your little screens!

Enjoy! M!

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