July 24th, 2020: Imagination Friday: Big Fish & Greatest Showman

“Nobody ever made a difference by being like everyone else” PT Barnum

And on that note we end another stay at home work week of July 2020.

No one wants to run away to the circus anymore. What happened to that over the year? What replaced that? Anyhow, these two trailers I am combining for the love and magic of the circus for Imagination Friday.

Dream a little dream this Friday and with all the stuff like summer carnivals and circuses not touring, maybe you can experience a little of that magic in film.

Here is Big Fish – a film that made me cry … a lot

“They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops ..”

And also The Greatest Showman!

You’re risking everything you built How do you think I built it? … Touché PT Touché

Let’s celebrate this side of ourselves … the side of ourselves that is a little different and takes risks! Maybe even wants to run away to the circus this Friday afternoon ..?

Happy Friday! Love to you all! Daily Trailer!

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Coming April 2021!

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