August 13th, 2020: Aeon Flux

This too is a prophetic trailer. I don’t know why these have been coming up in my mind to be the ones to post.

Must be the lockdowns and the despotic promises of tomorrow … oh yeah … and the fact is that they should remake this into a series. Again. It was an animated series on MTV’s Liquid Television (way before Adult Swim) and then they made it into a movie.

…but there are rebels who believe in freedom…

The animation on MTV was hard to follow as a plot but someone out there could write it as a Dystopic Streaming Series. You would have more time – it would be expensive but worth a deep dive.

The trailer feels a little dated but the bones are there for a good story.

If you are a writer/series creator I would look into it. Perfect for the Post Covid world of filming … all CGI in a controlled environment. Steiner Studios is building even more sound stages here in NYC … might be time to relaunch this!

Think about it! Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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