Monday Aug. 17th, 2020: Thoroughbreds

Warning: Red Band Trailer – amazingly put together by Motive Creative. Excellent cutting and sound design and musical choice!!

Yesterday was a grey day around New York City here and I pulled out a book on the Great Homes of Long Island (as you do?!?!) and on the cover of that book is the house where this is filmed … so it jogged my memory that I wanted to see this film.

“.. you are off my payroll … Princess”

As most city dwellers have escaped to their Long Island homes in the Hamptons, I figure this would be a good Monday Night at home in the Hamptons Choice! I figured others of us had missed it out there too – they had me at “American Psycho meets Heathers!”

Enjoy! Love M1 for Daily Trailer

Movie fan? Streaming Fan? Us too. Know what to watch with

Coming Soon!

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