Wed. Aug. 19, 2020: The Town & Argo

Is it just me or do you also like it better when Ben Affleck is behind the camera? Here are two great examples with him in the Directing Helm:

Argo, this Trailer was cut for Warner Bros. by AV/Squad:

.. so you want to come to Hollywood act like a big shot without doing anything? ..

And if you aren’t standing up screaming at the screen at the end of ARGO – you have a cooler head than I do. It is a nail-biter! Great Job!

And then the Town, cut by Wild Card for Warner Bros.

... “I’ll see you again, this side or the other”

For a terrible example of Ben Affleck in front of the camera DO NOT WATCH ‘REINDEER GAMES’ .. I won’t even put up the trailer .. it’s that bad. And I know he is in front of the camera in both the trailers above … he might only be able to act when he directs himself. I don’t know?!

I saved you some time! You’re welcome! Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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