Sept. 3rd, 2020: About Schmidt

Jack Nicholson puts the labor in Labor Day weekend!

As Summer 2020 winds down, I couldn’t help but feeling like Mr. Warren Schmidt watching the clock count down to his last ‘minute’ to retirement in this trailer cut by Mark Woollen & Associates.

… it’s been a rough few weeks …

Since the lockdowns began, time felt like a watched clock and I was supposed to get all this stuff done but here I am at the end of Summer … not many things to show for it.

This trailer gives me hope though. It feels like “Death of a Salesman” sprinkled with redemption!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Love DailyTrailer!

And it is a double bonus as it is a trailer with an actual trailer (Recreational Vehicle) in it! Favorite part is when the guy asks Warren “is that is an “Adventurer”?” … at the gas pump when he is clearly standing in front of the name – “Adventurer” … ahhhhh America!

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