Sept. 11, 2020: Remembering Today & Spider-Man Trailer

This is a tough day on us New Yorkers. Everyone remembers where they were 19 years ago today and one common thread is everyone remembers how blue the sky was that day! It was such a perfect blue sky. I often wonder if it was so blue or for once, we were all looking up at the sky and noticed it, instead of looking down at our feet rushing through the concrete canyons of the city.

Kinda difficult pick of a trailer today. I have never been able to watch any of the movies about 9/11. It is still incredibly close … like scratching the surface and the pain is right there. Always ready to boil over.

I remembered this teaser that came out in 2001 for Spider-Man summer release for the following year in 2002:

And it was out in theaters and in those days – they were spliced onto the front of the films so it wasn’t that easy to recall it and it would just gut the audience when the buildings came up because they were gone and it was so fresh. Gosh I miss the towers.

I felt bad for the filmmakers. You could hear a collective gasp and then the quiet when the camera pulls back and reveals that the helicopter is caught in a web between the two Towers. The graphics and the song on the end are great. It’s a well done teaser lost to the annals of time as it got recalled. But it should be appreciated for the moment in time that it does mark.

Signing off with a heavy heart from New York.

Sending love to you all, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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