Sept. 29th, 2020: The Tunnel

Full disclosure … they had me at the word “Tunnel”. I am from a third generation tunneling family! Someone just mentioned this in passing that they are watching this and I was like .. what??? Tell me more, well that’s what we have trailers for … and so I watched ..

… we are the night …

Turns out it takes place in the Chunnel (the Channel tunnel between England and France) which one of my father’s friends built in the 90s. Both my Father and brothers got tours of the tunnel during its construction. I was there in Dover but too scared as a child to go through it. The trailer for this series makes it look like maybe I made the right choice.

This is a masterful trailer from Zealot UK for Kudos. Perfect beats and music that plays all the way through … a great build and then use of well placed Voice Over of a poem. Well done!!

Anyhow I can’t wait to tuck into this series .. but I think I may wait until the Holidays in order to watch it with my Father. Yup. Perfect one he will love too. Thanksgiving family fun here we come!

Love to you and yours! From M1 for DailyTrailer!

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