Sept. 30th, 2020: Fear City: NYC vs. The Mafia (Netflix)

Whenever I am away from my city: New York City, I miss it – everything about it! Even when it is going through these rough times.

September 30th is my Mother’s birthday (she passed away when I was very young) but she is my tie to the great city of New York. She was born there, my grandparents and so on until a ship came in from Ireland and dumped them on these shores.

This documentary looks INCREDIBLE! though before my time like a lot of us our blood runs through this city.

Like I need to watch this now and it’s on Netflix, so it is easily done. New York has gone through so many seasons and is in one now, completely different but as always, she rises again from the ashes. Fear City reminds me of that and I appreciate that reminder.

Love to you from Chicago (2nd City)! Be well! Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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