Oct. 2nd, 2020: Our Brand is Crisis

This was a solid film. It suffered, I think, from a confusing and difficult to remember title.

It was a great cast. I think we said … ‘lets go see that Sandra Bullock film’ … when it came out … that is how difficult it was to associate the title with the movie. But now that I know it and now that I am living in an election year, it is easy to remember. It’s worth checking out this Friday night.

With such amazing performances, especially from Ms. Bullock and Billy Bob, this movie should have done better at the box office It feels like it was probably released at the beginning of the era of .. the box office release is becoming a part of the marketing plan for when it becomes available at ‘home’.

It is well worth the watch. Especially this October – a month full of surprises – as they say!!! Enjoy!

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer! Stay Sane its going to be a long month!!

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