Oct. 3rd, 2020: Quiet Places (1 & 2)

‘Tis the season for horror! And if it wasn’t the year of the Covid, you could have made it a double feature tonight. But you can always make it a night of double featured trailers …

I think that is the whole thing with COVID-19 … the fear it has instilled in us that for all these years that we were getting through horror films. One of the biggest fears is protecting the ones we LOVE! So prep yourself for an April 2021 release date for A Quiet Place Part 2 – A quieter place?:

… there are people out there worth saving ..

So grabs some blankets and snuggle up with your loved ones and watch some horror films … ’tis the season!

As for me, I am back on the Eastern Seaboard on a little island formerly know as Manhatta! Gonna go to bed early tonight and hit the pumpkin patch and corn ‘maze’ tomorrow with friends! Sending you lots of good cinematic vibes!

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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Coming April 2021!

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