Indie Monday: Oct. 19th 2020: L.I.E. and The Good Heart

L to the O G ?? Before he was Logan Roy in the hit HBO series Succession, actor Brian Cox has an amazing career in independent film. This little quirky indie picture from way back paired him up with the super young Paul Dano in L.I.E. (for Long Island Expressway):

Just so everyone knows the Long Island Expressway has nothing ‘express’ about it – should be the Long Island Parking Lot but I digress.

These two pair up again in a “Pub Drama” – I think I just made up that genre but anyhow that is what I am going to call it The Good Heart. Looks like another Indie darling:

These two have great camaraderie on the big screen – maybe Paul Dano can be a long lost son in Succession?!?! AWWWWW – Can’t wait for that to start back up again! Humming the theme song already! awww .. what the heck here is that awesome title sequence:

Signing off in the spirit of Indie Film! M1 for Daily Trailer!

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