Wed. 10/21/2020: “21” & Bringing Down the House

In searching for a movie about math geniuses bringing down a casino, I THOUGHT I remembered the title as “Bringing Down the House” which is NOT the Title. But brought me back to this funny trailer:

I miss Steve Martin goofy humor. Where has he been? He had such a pleasant funny way of being funny, that made us laugh at ourselves. And Queen Latifah has proven over the years to have such an AMAZING range – not only a musician, but a great actress (both comedy and drama) and producer – a triple threat. But how did the two movies get conflated in my brain? Well, Bringing Down the House is the title of the BOOK that this movie “21” is based on … :

So that is where the confusion came in. With the proliferation of titles both in literature, TV/streaming and film, we are going to run into this issue more and more. I bet we have to cycle through titles that much faster in the future instead of every 7 years or so.

Here is to our 15 minute copyrights! Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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