Tues. 10/27/20: Safety Not Guaranteed & Room 104 S1&S2

Two for Tuesday from the Duplass Brothers. Well Safety Not Guaranteed is not a creation of theirs, just a featuring of Mark – with a fun turn as a conspiracy theorist or is he. It is a great indie movie! Be sure to watch it.

Love the whole premise of Safety Not Guaranteed – it is a daily reminder in the days of these lockdowns! Our safety is not nor has been guaranteed.

Then we have Room 104 which is a Duplass brothers production for HBO:

Looks like something I could get into … very heavily David Lynch vibe going on. Here is a look at season 2:

You know, you can’t go wrong with an HBO subscription – they are always putting out interesting stuff! Just our two cents.

The Duplass brothers also do fun cameos in The Mindy Project! Check that show out too!

Love, M1 from DailyTrailer!

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Coming April 2021!

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