Fri. 11/6/2020: Sicario 1&2

Friday night is double feature night! and I love Benincio Del Toro for this week’s double feature! So up first 2 trailers of his:

That is amazing sound design with that wrrrrr sound playing throughout. Go back and listen again – it builds such tension!!!! and then the follow up to that film, to see what more messes we can get into south of the border … Sicario: Day of the Soldado:

“Luck don’t live on this side of the border”

And just for kicks, one of the best delivered lines in trailer history is in this trailer, The Way of the Gun, delivered by Benincio .. can you guess which line it is:

Yup, you got it .. “tell you the truth, i don’t think this is a brains kinda operation!” Amazing musical choices in that trailer! Fits the film to a T!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy Benicio! Love, M1 for DailyTrailer

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