Friday Nov.13.2020: Battle Los Angeles

The title says it all and no, it is not a headline from today. It’s Friday night and end of a long week, you don’t want to think too much. Grab a beer and throw on a movie ..

Nothing too deep and maybe you just want to watch the trailer on repeat – we totally get that!!

Of particular note in this trailer is the opening with the slide show of vintage UFO (Foo Fighter) sightings and then then THE SOUND editing. The electronica meshed with the symphony is GENIUS. And the decision of only hearing select very sparse pieces of the machines and no sounds of the people until the trailer crescendos in a sort of yell/scream – it is HAUNTINGLY brilliant! With another round of lockdowns going into place, haunting is the word of the day … heck, it’s the word of the week!

May their soon be freedom from the battles … in the meantime, enjoy a beer and a movie! M1 for DailyTrailer!

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