Thurs.11.19.2020: Deepwater Horizon (Mark Wahlberg)

Today is international Men day or something like that – someone may be pulling my leg around here – but for our tribute on this day, one of the manliest men on the big screen is Mark Wahlberg (in our opinion).

Mark does a great job of conveying the ‘every man’ who rises to the occasion! and never gives up, no matter what the odds!!!

I do want to see this movie! I come from a long line of miners/tunnellers and drilling and blazing and digging is hard enough on the ground but underwater???? That is crazy difficult. You just add a full-on other layer of difficulty with it all being ‘underwater’ and deep! ugh the pressure alone is a force!

Seems like a good movie for International day of Men? maybe i should look this up …

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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Coming February 2021!

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