Tues. Dec.8.2020: La Via En Rose & Judy

La Via En Rose or as I like to call it, The life and times of Edith Pilaf. A perfect Indie Tuesday entry for Daily Trailer.

Eh … maybe I should put up some holiday classics but quite frankly it doesn’t feel like the holidays … I think I relate more to Vichy France circa 1940.

And a great bio pic is always on the docket. Which reminds me I wanted to see this film too … the one about Judy Garland … what was it called … oh yes, Judy!

Here is the trailer for that:

No life is a picnic, no matter how it seems from the outside, we all have our demons and watching them on screen is a great way to know we are all on this planet together and we know nothing of another humans struggle until we walk in their shoes or see their life played out on the big screen.

Stay sane out there! Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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Coming April 2021!

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