Wed. Dec.9.2020: Downhill & HotDog (the Movie)

It snowed today in New York City! Perfectly in time for the Holidays but alas the city is really kind of low on Holiday Cheer this year. We thought it would be a good time to run two snow-themed movies.

And then as the sun set so early I was like hmm … maybe we need a comedy … now a comedy movie with snow and possibly the holidays … tough bill. So came up with what I am going to guess is a dark comedy … Downhill from Fox Searchlight:

And then this got me thinking about all those skiing movies from like the 80s … what were those even about? I’m scared to go look at the trailers but for you all, I will. Here is HotDog The Movie (circa 1984)

Yikes. And I think I answered my own question … this movie looks like a studio boondoggle pitched as ….

“wouldn’t it be fun to film a movie in Tahoe with our friends … and it would be a write off”

or “we can just film a ski party weekend in Vail and we can write it off”

Definitely the word “ski” “party” and “write off” were used when someone got the green light on that! Eh. Whatever, it was an era .. the 80s … wasn’t it and this is a testament to those times. But those ski suits are coming back!!! I wish I could find one on ebay!

Enjoy yourselves out there! Stay Sane!

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