Thurs. Dec.10.2020: Another Round & Breaking Surface

Angelika Anywhere!?!?!? What? Wow. I worked my way through NYU film school at the Angelika Film Center Cafe (well, that and many more years of work paying down my student loans but still the Angelika kept me alive and fed also it kept me up to date on the latest GREATEST Indie Films!).

I put in a full 40 hour week and had a full course load at Tisch making short films working on other people’s films, man – when did we sleep? Oh we didn’t because the Angelika kept us supplied in caffeine too! Thank you Angelika Film Center!

But I am so excited to share that the Angelika has released their own streaming service: Angelika Anywhere

And here is a trailer that looks super fun and like more than one of us has tried this experiment during the lockdowns. Keeping a blood alcohol level of .05% eeeeekssss. This is not going to end well or it is a cautionary tale. Here is: Another Round

Fair warning, Don’t try this at home! and then this gem: Breaking Surface. The Nordic people – man they are great at the thrillers especially as I like to call them, the cold weather thrillers!! The natural elements (like sub zero snowy icy climates are scary on their own) but check this out:

The beauty of working at the Angelika was that it was a multi-plex indie theater and on my off hours, I would go from one theater to the next. So no theme just whatever indie movie was out in the theaters at the time so that is why I have no problem presenting this incongruent indie trailer to you from their site.

Enjoy! I can’t wait until the theaters open again! but in the meantime, check out Angelika Anywhere! Be sure to watch with a super fancy coffee – that’s was my job there at the cafe, I was the barista of sorts (we didn’t call ourselves that).

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

Movie fan? Streaming Fan? Us too. It’s Time to Stream Smarter (TM)

Coming April 2021!

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