Jan 27, 2021: Life of the Party & The Boss

Melissa McCarthy double feature today … she is a great leading lady of comedy!

The great thing about these movies is that they aren’t all just non-stop funny. The serious moments actually land.

Life of the Party:

There is a great scene in “Life of the Party” where the Melissa McCarthy character calls out the girl in class for putting down other women ‘oh, we are still doing that’ it was a well written scene.

and then The Boss …

I think the funniest scene is the bake sale turf war for anyone who ever had to sell Girl Scout Cookies. I was a shy kid but the sale of cookies was a great experience to learn sales and to get over that fear of asking!

Enjoy these films. They are NOT for children though! Watch after the kids go to bed!

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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