The Boy & The Boy 2

Why the creepy dolls? WHY?!?! Gets me every time. I can get through the demonic horror movies or the ouija board possessions, but... the dolls. The dolls just give you a different kind of cringe. Except for Chuckie, I got through that. He was just grumpy and rude. I can relate to that. The Boy... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

Boy, oh boy, the social media attention this one is getting! Seriously, you can't get on Twitter without seeing something about The Invisible Man. A great trailer, I must say. Even though I've seen a lot in this trailer, I want to see the movie to find out if this man REALLY made himself invisible... Continue Reading →

Saint Maud: Far From Holy

This one gets me excited. I don't know what it is, but the crazier the movie is, the more I love it. I honestly just love to see how far writers/directors are willing to go. A24 has been putting out a TON of disturbing content recently from Hereditary to Midsommar. I can't get enough of... Continue Reading →

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