September 19, 2021

A Dog’s Purpose

It has been quite hard to write these last couple of weeks, social distancing and self quarantining and all. As a single person, I realize how much I need to see people and dogs … at a cafe or a bar or the theater! Hopefully, soon we will be opening up these things again safely.

A Dog’s Purpose from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

It was encouraging over the weekend to see the i-cafe at pier 72 open up here in Manhattan – everyone was doing a good job keeping their distance and it was good to see the people and people with their dogs!

My dog Emma passed away a year ago and I have missed her every day of this past year but the Covid-19 shut in has made me miss her so much more. When this is over, I feel I may be ready to give my heart again to a shelter dog .. it was painful losing her but I know she will steer me to a new best friend! Today’s posting is for Emma.

Love, M1


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