March 28, 2023

Antlers: Sun. Oct 3rd, 2021 Day 3/30

Antlers, is just beautifully shot.  This trailer is remarkable in its sinister factor and yet that innocent looking child that you just want to help. You feel the plight of his teacher from the start! The teaser below and the trailer below that are cut by Buddha Jones for Fox Searchlight.

Above is the Teaser “Myth” again the editor weaves the stories of the teacher and child in from the get go. With Guillermo Del Toro anything goes and we won’t be disappointed in the monster at the end of the myth. 

The Trailer “Escape” which is below here uses unbelievable sound editing too to capture and raise tension .. that kid has a great face. The clock like beat of this trailer creates an incredible build up. All the stops and starts. It says so much without saying anything .. no dialogue .. just sounds until “Daddy” … Amazingly well  put together!

I am happy to publish these later in the day because it was such a beautiful bright sunny fall day in new york city that it would have been difficult but now that night has fallen anything goes! Daddy.


M1 for Daily Trailer!

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