March 28, 2023

Ash Wednesday: The Two Popes

Awww Ash Wednesday, the day where after a late night of Mardi Gras style partying – boy the French know how to kick off 40 days of sacrifice! and then, this, the day after that, if you don’t get a cup of coffee in you before you hit the old subway (like I didnt) you wonder … does that person know there is dirt on their forehead? and then you look to the next person and then to the next and realize, no, it is not a pandemic of dirty foreheads, rather Ash Wednesday is here again. Which brings on Lent 🙁 40 days of reflection and sacrifice and no meat on Friday 🙁

This year instead of giving something up, I am going to add something to my life, I need to catch up on my #streamingGoals and so added this one to the list from Netflix .. The Two Popes.

The Two Popes Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

The Two Popes offers us a very human look at two great men of faith. When all we hear is bad news about the church, it is nice to see a different story emerge which actually deals with the weight of the mighty responsibility of being Pope. Thanks Netflix for allowing us a look into this world that is closed off to the rest of us. Super enlightening! Day 1 of my 40 days of #StreamingGoals is set!

Love to you all!


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