July 18, 2024

Day #8 of #Horror: The Lodge and Goodnight Mommy

Holy Moly Mother of all things scary. It may be the city dwellingness of our lives, and the fact that there is always a few million people around us at all times so maybe that is why we find the isolation of locations like these in these next 2 trailers so scary …

The Lodge Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

The very frightening moment to us is when we realize that she is the menace to the children living in the house. And they have been left alone there with her and no one is coming to their rescue or is she? What is actually happening? Love the confusion … makes me want to watch it and figure it out. I feel there may be a twist.

Masterfully cut by Zealot for Neon, this trailer does a great job of teasing and scaring and even though it is way outside my comfort zone, I am going to watch it, next weekend when we are at the cabin on the lake. Haha.

Being snowed in, isolated, cold, alone with a crazy person = fun October Adventure! And look, it is Jaeden Martell (he changed his name) from yesterday’s posting of IT and The True Adventures of Wolfboy!

So turns out, the Lodge, is by the same filmmakers who made the German Goodnight Mommy which was also on our list for the countdown so lets make it todays double trailer feature. Love this eerie trailer from Mark Woollen & Associates for Radius:

Goodnight Mommy Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Uber amazing. And is it just me or after the Shining, twins will always freak us out a bit in films?!? I think it might be too scary for a double feature though … Love, DT!

Besides us counting down to Halloween, we are also counting down to the launch of Vuniverse. Sign up below.

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