July 19, 2024

Friday Aug 28th, 2020: The Cooler

Maybe it’s because he and his family have been in the news so much lately or maybe it is this year, 2020, as it feels like a ‘cooler’ has been placed on the ENTIRE year … but whatever it is, I keep thinking about this great trailer from 2003: The Cooler

The Cooler from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo. … do you know what I do at the Shangri-la? ..

William H. Macy is fantastic in this and Maria Bello? where has she been hiding these last 17 years … she needs to be in more movies. Alec Baldwin turns a great Alec B performance but this indie gem deserves another look from Lions Gate Films! And WOW what a ‘classic’ logo from them! haha time marches on

Also notice how the hotel room says 104?? Is that a pre-cog nod to the HBO show Room 104? haha

Hope your week went well and only 4 more months of 2020 and it will be in the rear view mirror! Love to you & yours on this Summer Friday in August!

Over and Out, M1 for DailyTraler!

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