March 28, 2023

#Horror – Day 14: Mama and The Secret of Marrowbone

What is it about horror films? what is it about Halloween? what is it in our culture and it’s not a new concept. A beloved holiday song harkens to a time where we told ‘ghost stories’ at Christmas time. What was that about? People used to sit around the hearth telling scary stories??? in the dark of winter!

So what is it about being scared? Today’s two trailers Mama and The Secret of Marrowbone, tap into a deep fear of abandonment by our parents.

Here is Mama cut by Buddha Jones for Universal:

Mama Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Yes, that is Jessica Chastain making a rare appearance in the horror genre. And here is the Secret of Marrowbone, cut by the Silk Factory for eOne. This one uses the pacing of that long low note with great effect – nice pacing Silk Factory.

The Secret Of Marrowbone Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

If you are in the States, enjoy your holiday this Monday! See you back at your desks tomorrow for the real real beginning of the work week. Happy Watching! Love to you all, DT!

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