July 18, 2024

Jan 14, 2022: Cloud Atlas

I was thinking of this movie for several reasons today … just thinking of time and what a strange thing it is and how we could travel around time with certain other souls … I liked the movie – i must say.  I got to see it at a special screening in NYC – shout out to #BryanBantry screening list and I hope he starts those up again soon – I LOVED THEM! Maybe I liked it because I went in knowing nothing except the author of the book, said his book was un-filmable and what a great throwing down of the gauntlet that was but … the movie is original  and makes you think and I probably will not get to reading David Mitchell’s tome in this lifetime. Anyhow .. enjoy the trailer:

And Tom Twyker is truly a talented director.  Run Lola Run put him on the map and that trailer was ahead of it’s time. Maybe we post it tomorrow. 

Signing off from the city!

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