July 18, 2024

Jan. 19th, 2022: National Popcorn Day Waiting for The Batman

When did it all start? Popcorn and the movies? It isn’t necessarily a ‘quiet’ food like my beloved Junior Mints .. Whelp according to Jen Carlson who wrote an article in 2016 entitled “A Brief History Of Movie Theater Popcorn.” It was a business move to survive the Great Depression and what a money maker it turned out to be … buy something for cents on the dollar and sell it at 1000% mark up! Huzzah. Anything to keep my beloved movie house going.

If you are justice? please do not lie - what is the price for your blind eye?
From your secret friend

Now I am hungry and would love to offer this pro-tip … next time you are at the theater, try putting your Junior Mints in the popcorn – great savory and sweet combination! but also bring ‘wet wipes’ to clean your hands up – blah – 

Signing off from my local AMC theater! Just waiting for the Batman to show up!

M1 for Daily Trailer!

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