July 18, 2024

Jan. 21st, 2024: The Nut Job

Squirrel Phobia in the Big Apple: A Tale of Unusual Fears and Nutty Movies ~ Living in New York City is an adventure in itself, and you never know what peculiarities you might encounter in your neighbors. Today, we want to share a quirky story about a neighbor who’s terrified of squirrels, yes, squirrels, not rats – and we have RATS as big as Cats in some neighborhoods here in the city, yes, I’m looking at you Financial District! Have you ever been down there late at night! They are huge … big as raccoons almost! Well In honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21st, we couldn’t resist sharing this animated trailer celebrating squirrels ..  The Nut Job:

“The Nut Job,” featuring the unmistakable voice of Will Arnett, is a delightful film with some New York City flair. The city’s eccentricities aren’t limited to its squirrel-fearing residents; we have shops dedicated to just about anything you can think of – cheese, nuts, spices, coffee, you name it. My great aunt, an old-school New Yorker, once pointed out that it wasn’t exactly convenient to cook in NYC back in the day. You’d spend all day running from shop to shop just to gather the necessary ingredients. However, there was a certain charm in being intimately connected to the food you were about to prepare.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then, thanks to services like Fresh Direct. They’ve made our lives easier and freed up time for activities like watching movie trailers. But hey, let’s not forget the charm of those old New York days when everything was a bit more complicated, yet somehow more genuine.

As we sign off from the Big Apple, we leave you with this quirky tale of a neighbor’s peculiar fear of squirrels and the delightful madness of New York City. Here’s to the diversity of our city and the unexpected stories that make life here all the more interesting.

Forgetaboutit! (That’s really a Brooklyn thing but will use it here)

The Daily Trailer Team

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