July 18, 2024

Jan. 25th, 2024: Cruella

On January 25, 1961, a beloved classic, “101 Dalmatians,” made its theatrical debut, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. Disney, known for its innovative storytelling, has found a delightful way to breathe new life into their iconic cartoons through prequels. Here is the trailer from Seismic Productions: 

This ingenious approach not only reinvigorates a cherished franchise but also evokes a sense of nostalgia that transcends generations. One remarkable example of this is the exploration of Cruella de Vil’s origin story, which adds depth to her character and enriches the Disney universe.

"You care about what an obstacle wants or feels, you're dead."
Baroness VonHellman
Fashion Icon
"There is something about poetic justice that is just so ... poetic"
Cruella de Vil
Designer & Dog Thief

The trailer is an absolute blast, and yes, the catchy tune will undoubtedly stay with you for days – you’re in for a musical treat! Witnessing Emma Stone and Emma Thompson engaging in a battle of wits as both adversaries and co-conspirators guarantees an exciting and enjoyable cinematic experience. Get ready for a rollercoaster of spectacular hijinks as only Disney can deliver!

Enjoy the show!

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