July 20, 2024

Mare of Easttown: Tues. Sept 28th, 2021

Kate Winslet does a fabulous job as the protagonist of this limited series from HBO “Mare of East Town”.   You will recognize the characters in this drama for better or for worse. 

All the actors did a fantastic job – it is always funny that the Australians play Americans so well! Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. This is well worth a watch for sure – don’t binge it, space out the shows … weekly like they were intended … but if the lockdowns have eliminated all of your self control – try nightly then. It is best to savor the series.

Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson do fantastic jobs in supporting roles and your soul aches for the opioid addicted character played by Sosie Bacon. Stellar performances by all these talented women!

Turns out this feels a lot like “the Way Back” that we posted the other night … low and behold it is the same producer Brad Ingelsby! Both main characters had a ‘peak’ in high school basketball or a shining moment as it were in these old rust belt type towns. Very interesting similarities. 



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