July 20, 2024

Mon. Dec.14.2020: 21 Grams

We are prepping for a big snow storm here in New York City and although most all of 2020 has felt like one giant snow-day, we are still excited. Not to stay home from school, quite the novelty would be to actually GO to school.

So I should probably do a classic New York Christmas movie trailer … like Elf is great or just want to do something original. We can get Elf closer to the big day.

Aww … everyone will be pushing the holidays … let’s do the opposite … I always wanted to see this film … 21 Grams .. it is an amazing trailer and sticks with you.

21 Grams from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

I think the voice over from Sean Penn, in the beginning, is what pulls you in and the great pacing of the music and the unusual way it is cut makes this trailer super memorable.

From Focus Features it also … without even seeing the movie … makes you start to ponder many things about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Really, we lose … all of us lose 21grams when we die? how do they know that. Who weighed me before and then after? So many questions!

Also there are 3 strong actors here that make this a must see: Naomi Watts, Benecio del Toro and Sean Penn. How has it taken me this long to watch it?

Time is a funny thing.

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer!

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