March 28, 2023

Motherland: Thurs. Sept. 30th, 2021

Even on the 20th watching, this trailer will make you laugh .. even if you are a ‘Mum’ (Mom/Dad/Parent) or not. It is so darn funny.  This looks to be my next series to watch.  The comedy troupe is astounding.  I don’t know how the Brits manage to do that … make painfully awkward situations (like the housekeeper thinking a handlebar cover is something else in the opening clip) so darn funny!

As we head into October (it’s tomorrow!!!), the season of ‘spooky’ and ‘scary’ things … I will take my levity on the side with Motherland!  This trailer, expertly crafted by Calvin Chin of Tiny Hero, does everything thing it should – makes me laugh and has me eagerly anticipating this series from Lionsgate!

"No Mum Left Behind!"
~ Meg
A Mum

It is such a funny ‘buddy series’ premise – like Bad Moms (or should we say Bad Mums -couldn’t resist 🙁 ) but it seems less crass (or the British get away with it more?!?). I am happy it is a series because the stuff parents go through just keeps on happening and you can’t make this stuff up! Truth is stranger than fiction!

This quote, from the trailer, speaks to so many of us – just having lived through the last 18 months … saying she is self employed and then there she is in the park ‘day drinking’ – hahaha – if we tried to have an American series with a character who did that – I don’t know it just falls flat and looks pathetic. Like the time they tried to Americanize “Absolutely Fabulous”  – that fell flat and the women came across garnering more ‘pity’ than laughter. What was that show called? See I can’t even remember it – we all tuned out and rewatched Ab Fab.

"No, I'm great, I'm just adjusting to being self employed."
~ Julia
A Mum

Can’t wait! Thanks for the funny trailer! Needed it!

Sending Love from Neurotic Mum Filled NYC!

M1 for the DailyTrailer!

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