July 19, 2024

Raised by Wolves: Sat. Oct. 2nd 2021 Day 2/30

“Raised by Wolves” from Ridley Scott is entry number 2 in our 30 days of new horror. Maybe it’s just me but recolonizing a new planet is scary enough but then to be separated from my parents in a dystopic future or not to have parents at all but raised by an android … this is the stuff of childhood nightmares.

Amanda Collins stars in this trailer as “Mother” wow is she a fantastic actress as an android – she has the moves down pat. The rest of the cast looks stellar too – will i see this? Probably so, as I love Ridley Scott … or I should say, I always like to see what he comes up with next – it is always thought provoking.

Raised by Wolves looks to be no different!

Enjoy this next binge just in time to catch up with everyone for season 2!

Love from beautiful fall NYC – so beautiful I shouldn’t be inside but I am!

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