July 18, 2024

Sea Fever: Oct 7th, 2021 Day 7/30

Ummm this looks like another venture into Eco-Horror! I am loving our new sub-genre … well what do you expect. 

Oh man this looks like Aliens at Sea .. I wonder if that is how the producers pitched it?

I know I couldn’t have watched this in the height of the lockdowns.  Seeing as how it takes place in a small enclosed space and some sort of ‘thing’ infects all the people in the enclosed space. Too much mimicking of real life covid horror!

On a side yet related note, my friend sold his trawler today. The boat is one of a kind named the Papillon. I loved that boat and I guess that is why we picked this trailer today … to honor Pappy! Until we meet again my friend! Good luck and G-d speed!

Another Early sign off from NYC! The city is coming back to life!


M1 for DailyTraler!


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