July 19, 2024

Sun. Aug. 22, 2020: Sunday Night at the Movies: Disney’s Thor: Ragnarok

One of the greatest rewards in this life is having nieces and nephews and being able to take them to the movies! I am so excited for the theaters to open up again soon and safely! Mostly because there are movies to be shared with a communal audience and there are things that were shot for the big screen!

This Summer .. Summer 2020 (the Summer that wasn’t) I am still waiting for Tenet. Christopher Nolan shoots nothing for the small screen. He is a big BIG BIG screen director and I love him for it.

Tonights trailer, THOR, is a big screen entrant for 2 reasons … one it is BEAUTIFUL and 2 the humor is meant to be enjoyed with a group. The director, Taika Waititi, is the Rock creature that we first meet in a prison of sorts, he doesn’t even make the trailer but boy, I could not wait til he was back on screen!!! Even though he isn’t in it, the trailer is great and here it is:

Thor Ragnarok New Journey from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo. “New Journey” edited by mOcean

It lands some great comic moments that don’t spoil all the humor that there is! Hats off to the editors of the trailer for nailing it and allowing MORE TO COME in your theatrical visit! Kudos!

So, I enjoyed taking my nephew to this film …. IN THE THEATERS!! WE laughed so hard, I laughed even more than he did! and wow was that amazing for my human soul! And did I mention I can buy Junior Mints at the theater and feel no guilt, well there is that too! It is part of the experience! Long may it live!

Enjoy tonight and Sunday Night at the movies, the way I grew up … with Disney’s feature presentation starting at 8pm on a Sunday night. It gave you a littel something extra to face the work week!

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer

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